Here at Hartford House our vision is to make beautiful spaces that you will be happy to call home.

We believe that it’s all in the details.
We aren’t “flippers” & we take no shortcuts.
We want to be proud of what we create.

From the moment you walk into a Hartford House you’ll notice all of the special & unique touches.
“Old meets new again” as antique & vintage pieces are used to offer that hard to find charm!

Hartford House also offers traditional real estate services, drawing on Justin’s expertise for the past 10 years.

In addition to our knack for making houses beautiful, we also buy houses.

If you’re interested in selling, please get in touch with us:



Remodel your current home

Have a home that is in need of a face-lift?
We’ll transform your house into a functional beautiful space! Let us turn your current home into your dream home!
Hartford House is a full-service residential design firm.

We make houses into homes.

We have an eclectic approach to design that is ever evolving and always inspired. Our firm will manage all aspects of a project from start to finish.

Let Us Help You Find a Home

Hartford House also has a team of Real Estate agents that can help you find a home to remodel.

We can help you find the perfect house & walk you through the entire buying process.
Then the fun begins! Together we begin re-designing your very own Hartford House & manage the entire project.
We love a good fixer upper!!



Purchase a Completed Hartford House

Remodeling a home not your thing?
That’s OK, Hartford House also sells already completed homes.
If you already know that you love our work, then this option is for you!
We’re constantly buying fixer upper homes across the Valley.

Let us do all the work & buy it straight from us!

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